I’ve worked with hundreds of new entrepreneurs, helping them take their business idea from pipe dream to profit. As a Mentor, Coach, Consultant, and Speaker, I’ve built actionable toolkits and tactile business growth solutions that accelerate small businesses. These toolkits are the practical and tactical things I work with new entrepreneurs on, which are outside of the traditional business plan.

Whether you’re just working through your business idea, need to re-think the way you’re currently operating, or are in need of the tools to build a remarkable customer experience, my toolkits will help.

These online courses are designed as either as self-paced or supported with mentorship and accountability meetings with me. Let’s get to work.

Live in Upstate NY? I offer In-Person and hybrid courses through MVCC’s thINCubator in Utica, NY and are free to local residents.

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A sprint for new entrepreneurs

Whether you’re just starting your business, operating as a side-hustle taking cash or Venmo payments, or just don’t know where to begin your entrepreneurial journey, you need a solid foundation. It’s the blueprint, the launchpad, and the toolkit to help you start.

You’ll discover if and when you’re ready to start your business, what goes into a profitable idea, get financial literate, form a business entity and more.

Foundations is Perfect for You if….

  • You have an idea for a business but don’t know where to start
  • You have a side-hustle or hobby you’d like to grow into a business.
  • You want to set realistic goals, build momentum and take action.
  • You’re only taking cash or Venmo payments, but need to ‘go legit’
  • You want to understand the various aspects of running a business without spending time generating a business plan
  • You want to maximize your probability for business success
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Re-think your business

If you’re someone that is trying to get their business off the ground and needs to move faster or a seasoned entrepreneur who is looking to re-think their business to accelerate growth, Refinery: Accelerate may be for you. It’s a comprehensive toolkit for entrepreneurs.

We perfect your elevator pitch, audit, define our dream clients,  build a great customer experience to delight them, find efficiencies in operation and help you tell the unique story of your business.  If you’re ready to change the way you operate and accelerate growth, this course is for you.

Accelerate is Perfect for You if….

  • You want to reverse engineer a 30, 60, or 90-day plan of action.
  • You want to tell better stories online.
  • You want to build a remarkable customer experience.
  • You want to automate tasks to work smarter and not harder
  • Your business needs better clients, not necessarily more clients
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A FREE Course for Better Customer Experiences

Created in partnership with MagnifiU – In this course, we will take valuable lessons from companies like Apple and AirBnB to help YOU develop a customer experience that creates true fans. These are the customers that would miss you if you were not there. Having a 10-Star Experience does NOT always mean having to be the cheapest!

Through this learning path, you will develop a better understanding of how to communicate the problem your business solves, how to build a better customer experience, and how to really measure success for ongoing improvement. With the help of real-world examples and plenty of supporting materials and activities, you will be able to start planning for your business success.